My Singing Lessons

About My Lessons :

  • I only offer private singing lessons, as I like to train every student according to their voice and skill level, which is different for everyone.
  • My fee structure is reasonable and affordable, which allows any student from any financial background or family to learn.
  • I offer classes to teens and adults of any age group, starting at 15 years old.
  •  I teach students to be soloists.
  • I am enthusiastic about teaching and training students in a wide variety of styles and techniques.
  • My classes are for students of all skill levels. Be it a beginner or an expert, I am happy to train and improve anyone.

I Help in Voice Therapy - Why is it Important?

The goal of voice lessons is to eliminate or enhance difficulties with vocal sound production. Your voice should be more vibrant and project easily as a result of your lessons. Voice athletics can be used for preventative training of your voice to avoid difficulties in the future. Voice athletics consists of a variety of specifically tailored exercises taught by a Voice Pedagogue.

Lorraine Kirwan has a Master’s in Voice Pedagogy. Many students come with vocal accidents, vocal impediments, and ENT surgery to recover their voices and they have returned to professional working lives.

Our singing lessons and Vocalise sessions are usually based on different styles and techniques of singing :



1 Lesson for 1 Hour - $89

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