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About Lorraine Kirwan

Lorraine Kirwan has worked in music theatre and opera as a soloist and as a chorister. Lorraine has sung with Opera Australia, Opera Queensland, Rockdale Opera, WA Opera, and Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA. She has written plays and acted, and also worked in radio FM Queensland.
Lorraine spent Seven years in Queensland singing with Opera Queensland and studying at Griffith University’s Conservatorium. Firstly, as a student of voice pedagogy, she completed her Post Graduate studies and then her Masters of Music Studies in Voice Pedagogy. Secondly, Lorraine was In to complete an internship as a voice teacher with the conservatorium under the supervision of Adele Nisbet, Irene Bartlett and Ron Morris.
On returning to Western Australia, Lorraine lectured at WAAPA for five years in singing technique with the Music Theatre faculty and then Aboriginal Theatre Studies. She now teaches privately at home.

At “The Voice Studio,” we strive hard so each of our students gets value from every penny invested in them while providing them with an enjoyable musical journey!

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Few Words From Lorraine:

"The students who have learned from me have been highly successful in learning, training, and performing in every major Performing Arts Academy and Conservatorium in Australia. They have gone onto perform and win many awards in amateur and professional shows in Australia, Canada, Britain, USA, and China, also on cruise ships as entertainers. I have four degrees with an emphasis on music, theatre and drama, education, and a Masters. My “Masters of Music Studies” is for vocal pedagogy. As a postgraduate then a master's and then as an intern at Griffith University’s Conservatorium I specialized in teaching students how to sing. These seven years at Griffith’s Conservatorium were devoted to how to teach voice safely. Enhancing a student’s breathing through their understanding of breath mechanism techniques, resonance, suspension and projection."

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